Royal Power Ministries International... Reaching out the world for Christ Jesus
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About Royal Power Ministries International

At other times, the Lord told his servant that the tool of this great task is "Preaching, and teaching Jesus " from the old and New Testament to the lost souls all over world.

And the medium of doing this is Church programmes, indoor Crusades, Street Evangelism, Open Air Crusades, one-on-one evangelism, as well as equipping of the saints through Bible School and more.

He carried this vision in him until the year 1995 when the Lord decided to manifest Himself through him. He was not even ready but the Lord took him unawares; as he prayed for people with different problems with compassion for them to be free, many more surged, he found himself in it. He did not attend any Bible College as at then but the Holy Spirit was just directing him as signs and wonders happened.

The vision started manifesting by itself according to book of Habakkuk 2:2. Which tells us that every vision has all appointed time. His unpreparedness could not stop the vision from manifesting. Yet the ministry bore no name for many months of operation. Having seen that he could not run away from this ministry, he settled down to seek from the Lord the name it should be called.

The Lord said it should be according to the commission given to him when he was called. In one of the revelations from God to him, he was told that he is going to lift people from different levels and make them kings. This lead to the word Royalty. This name has its scriptural foundation in 1 Peter 2:9 "But you are a chosen generation, a ROYAL priest hood, an holy nation, a peculiar people that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. Because of the power of the Holy Spirit that will accomplish these, the name Royal Power Ministries Inc emerged.

This ministry has a sure foundation in God, no man started it. It is no man's idea but a God-given vision. It is more than just another Church but a God-given vision to be accomplished.

Though this vision was born at Aba, it is a worldwide vision. God as of this date is still laying the foundation. There is no specific date of the emergence of Royal Power Ministries.

But on the 5th of June 1996, this great vision was inaugurated at No 4 Onyeocha Street, Aba, at a small private school premises. On that day something remarkable happened, when the man of God was asked to come up, the weather changed as a gentle breeze blew the sun dimmed and the Lord reminded him of his covenant with him and told him that this will be happening from time to time.

This has been happening at intervals when God gives such a word on important occasions. The members are witnesses to this. The Bible says that we shall not despise the days of little beginning. Every vision of God is like a mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds according to Jesus, but when it sprout and develops into a big tree, the birds of the air and other animals will come and take shelter.

Royal Power Ministries has just sprouted and is about to grow into a big tree. The Vision is a clear one, having the biblical backing, and the Holy Spirit in confirmation. The word being preached and taught bears witness that God is at work.

We are fellow workers with God to make the whole world obedient to him. The book of Timothy said, "God wants all men to be saved. It is God's will to save all men but some one must go and preach and teach them, and that is why the vision of Royal Power Ministries Int'I was given to the vision bearer, Pastor Magnus Otutu .

Pastor Otutu cannot reach the whole world by himself alone but must do it with others. And you are one of them. There is no single tree that can make a forest.

God has called you in one way or the other to be a part of the great vision. You will know it by the burden you have for this ministry. That gift operating in you is to help move this ministry forward in reaching, the whole world. It has started from Aba and must go, God wants to make good use of you here that is why he brought you. Your vision and destiny may be found within this great vision.

You may be the millionaire whom pastors, Evangelists, teachers and other things a ministry needs to be complete. II Timothy 2:20 "But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth".

That is why when you are carrying the vision; you are carrying your own vision along. It is in separable as long as God has called you into this ministry. The vision is sound because it takes one to eternal life. It does not hold promises only here on earth but into life eternal, Salvation being the first blessing of this ministry and its priority. God chose to use this great vision to bring to himself souls including yours. Yet it goes beyond salvation to perfect intimacy with God.

Since the formal inauguration of the ministry to the present day, God has been manifesting himself in diverse ways in the ministry to prove his call on his Prophet Magnus Otutu . More than four dead have been raised to life, the lame have walked, the sick healed and the possessed delivered.

A well-known armed robber has been turned to Christ and is a pastor today. Many shrines have been destroyed in some villages and the worshippers turned to Christ . Many have been lifted up financially and their chartered life remolded. This is why he could start a building structure different from what exist in Aba, which is now at the roofing level, without external sponsorship.